What Happens To Your body when You Eat Too Much Sugar


Sugars, which are carbohydrates, are a source of energy to the body. However, it's no longer news that majority of what we all consume daily contain sugar either naturally or as an additive. Sugars are commonly eaten as pastries, refined carbs, and quick snacks and so on.

Well, you may be wondering if it’s possible to eat too much sugar especially since your body needs it for energy. The answer is yes. The human body does respond to too much sugar. Howbeit sweet they might be, they pose serious health threat when eaten too much. So, let's find out exactly what happens in your body when you consume too much sugary foods.

1.      Weight Gain: Sugars have been found to be the major culprits responsible for weight gain. Sugars, when eaten too much are converted to fat and stored in the body. Also, the more sugar that is consumed, the more hunger you will feel for sugar. This will cause you to eat more sugary foods leading to obesity in the long run.

2.      Increased Risk of Heart Disease: As a result of high amount of sugars converted to fat in the body, this results in the thickening of the arterial walls. Thereby, increasing your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

3.      Skin Breakouts: Does your skin continually break out? This may be because you have been consuming too much sugar. Foods like sugars with high glycemic index raise blood sugar levels in the body. These increased levels have been linked by researchers to cause acne.

4.      Increased Risk of Diabetes: Diabetes is a serious health condition which can be caused by too much sugar intake. When high sugar diet is consumed for a long time, it results in insulin resistance in the body. Insulin is known as the hormones to regulate blood sugar levels. When insulin cannot respond to sugar in the body, diabetes is sure to step in.

5.      Increased Risk of Depression: Research studies have linked high sugar consumption to depression. According to studies, higher levels of sugar in the body affect moods negatively. 

6.      Poor Dental Health: Plagues and cavities result from consumption of too much sugar. This give microorganism which lives in the mouth a thriving ground. The microorganisms are known to feed on sugary substances. 

7.      Energy Fluctuations: Do you feel energized one minute and the next you feel drained, that may be because you consume too much sugar. When sugars are eaten too much, they begin to cause frequent fluctuations in energy levels.

8.      Skin Aging: Poor diet according to studies could quicken the aging of the skin. Instead of a youthful look, you begin to look older than you really are.  Prolonged sugary diet is considered a poor diet and as such contributes to quick skin aging.


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