Strength Training: 7 Reasons to Lift weights


Weightlifting is fast becoming a popular strength training among women today. Although it can be strenuous and requires a lot of endurance, women have taken the bull by the horn still. The many options available make it a recommended exercise for women who wish to keep fit. Despite this, many women will still prefer cardio exercises if they are left with a choice.  Weightlifting, after all, will make them look muscular.

However, weightlifting doesn't just tone the muscles as it is popularly believed. It does way more than that. So let's find out other reasons why you should lift weights.

1.      Build the Perfect Body: Every woman has a dream body. To get this dream body, however, you have to lift weights. It’s the only way you can make your dreams become a reality.

When you lift weights, you get to lose as much body fat as you like. You also will get to tone your muscles for a trimmer look. With time, you would have built the perfect body you have always desired.

2.      Build Your Self Confidence: Weightlifting improves not only your physical health but also your mental health. This could help in building your self-confidence. Also, building the exact body you want is enough to raise your self-confidence level. You definitely will begin carrying yourself better.

3.      Stress Reliever: If you feel stressed about a situation or office work is beginning to tire you out, a few minutes of weightlifting is sure to relieve you. It serves as a good way to distract you temporarily as you channel your energy into it. By the time you are done, you will feel way better and more relaxed.

4.      Sleep Better: According to studies, lifting weight can help you develop healthy sleep patterns. Weightlifting, just like other exercises types will leave you tired. This factor could help you sleep better as you will feel more relaxed not tensed. You even will tend to worry less.

5.      Heart Health: Although cardio exercises are known to benefits the heart, weightlifting also contributes to heart health. According to studies, when you lift weights, it causes your heart to race and decreases arterial stiffness.

6.      Eat Better: The more times you lift weights, the more you expend energy. This result in you feeling hungry. If you are one who does not eat well, you will begin eating better afterward. However, it is advised you eat healthily.

7.      Postural Support: Weightlifting supports the body posture. Poor body posture result from the tightening up of certain muscles in the body. The result of poor posture, however, has detrimental effects.

To correct your posture, weightlifting is the easiest way to achieve it. It will loosen up tight and stiff muscles in no time.

Now that you know some reasons why you should lift weights, you can start your journey to better health.


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