Muscle Building Mistakes that Most People Make


No doubt, many people, men and women included are increasingly building their muscles. Today, it not surprising to find people registered at the nearest gym or having exercise equipment in their homes. Some colleges and even offices have on-site gyms. And I bet even you, exercise regularly. But do you belong to that category of people who have still not been able to build their muscles? Those people who claim to have been building their muscles for about 1 to 2 years, yet there is still no result. Maybe you all have been making some muscle building mistakes and that’s why there is no result yet.

Well, today, I have taken my time to point out the muscle building mistakes most people make. I am certain this is going to help you in building the muscles you have always wanted. All you need do is identify your mistake or mistakes and make a fast correction. So, let’s find out what they are.

1.      Neglecting Diet

Working out without eating a healthy diet is going to result in you failing to build your muscles. The two must be done simultaneously. According to research if you must build your muscles, you need to feed on a high protein diet and on enough carbs. Some research also suggests a high-fat diet. You need to reduce your sugar intake as well as your intake of junk foods. Avoid sodas and refined carbs as they give false energy. They also don’t contribute to muscle growth. Eat instead, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins foods, and healthy fat foods.

2.      Avoiding the Compound Exercises

Another common mistake people make is avoiding the compound exercises. Compound exercises are equally as important as isolation exercises. With compound exercises, you get to work on muscles groups and many joints simultaneously. So next time you exercise, do some deadlifts, pull-ups, squats, and press ups. You need them to build your muscles.

3.      Not Knowing your Limit

Do you know your limit when you work-out? Do you work-out like a bodybuilder? Yes? Then I guess that’s why you still haven’t been able to gain a pound of muscle. Most bodybuilders work out under the influence of drugs. So, you working out like them is going past your limit. This could result in additional stress on your muscles and cause you to sustain muscle injuries. You need to know your limit. Always start from where you are and gradually begin to use the heavier equipment. This will help your muscles adjust well and equally improve your performance. An increased performance is definitely going to result in you gaining more pounds of muscles than you ever imagined.

4.      Focusing on the Same Exercise

Are you one of these people who will stick to the same exercises for a long time? Yet, you expect to gain muscles in favorable places in your body? Well, I am sorry to tell you that it is impossible. To gain muscles, you shouldn’t do the same exercises every day but instead, you should alternate exercises. This will help you prevent the “repeated-bout effect”. If you do compound exercises for an hour you can change to isolation exercises. If you do cardio exercises for an hour, you can switch to strength, flexibility or any other exercise types. This will ensure you work out completely. Not you just stressing a particular muscle or muscle groups and neglecting the rest.

5.      Neglecting Warm-up

The importance of warming up before exercising cannot be overemphasized if you need results. Your muscles, heart, lungs and other parts of your body need to be prepared for the strenuous work that is to come. When you fail to warm up before your exercise session, you risk sustaining muscles injuries. You also are likely to underperform as you may be sluggish. This will result in you not working out as you should and of course, there will be no muscle gain in the end.

6.      Skipping the Basics

Do you skip the basics when working out because you believe you are past the basic exercises? Well, you have been making a mistake along which have cost you a lack of muscles. The basic exercises need to be done as frequently as you do the other exercises. Next time you are working out remember not to skip squats and bench passes. Also ensure you squat real good, like a baby.

7.      Smoking and Drinking

If you are in the habit of smoking and drinking excessively, I bet you already know its health implication. But mixing this two with muscle building is a capital NO. Smoking and drinking have a way of interfering with your muscle growth. How? Smoking prevents your muscles from getting oxygen when you work out as it keeps carbon monoxide tightly locked in your body. Alcohol, on its part, causes your testosterone levels to remain lower than usual as it covers your abs with layers of lard. Need I explain how important oxygen and testosterone is to muscle building?

8.      Starving Yourself

People who remain on a strict diet even when regularly may decide to starve themselves sometimes, even when hungry. Let face it; you need energy to exercise and after exercising you need to refuel for lost energy. If you decide to starve yourself while building muscles, you are never going to be able to get the muscles eventually. So, eat enough and eat healthily.

9.      Poor Sleeping Habit

Poor sleeping habits are not so good when you are building muscles. You need to recover from stress remain healthy. An unhealthy person cannot build muscles as your performance level will be low. So, ensure you sleep well when building muscles, it is therapeutic and helps rejuvenate your body.

10.   Poor Mindset

Are you one of those regular exercisers who carry a negative mindset all around? Are you always pessimistic about gaining muscles yet you continue exercising regularly? Well, I have to inform you that may be what’s in your way to gaining the muscles you so desire all this while. So you need to change your mindset, be optimistic always.


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