How To Use Household Items as Exercise Equipment


Sometimes you really want to keep fit but you lack access to a nearby gym. Or better still, you do not have in your home state-of-the-art equipment to help you keep fit. But what if I told you, you can turn your home into a gym still. How? By simply being resourceful. Take a moment and look around your home. Try to imagine the items that can be substituted for exercise equipment. Have you? I bet you have. You would have noticed some items which have been wasting away all because you couldn't put your mind into being creative before now. All the same, I will be giving you more ideas on how to use household items as exercise equipment. So let's find out.

1.      Sturdy Chair

A sturdy chair may not be the perfect exercise equipment but if you have to keep fit at home, it is more than being perfect. With a study chair, you can do multiple exercises including cardio, flexibility, and strength. You can have your squats perfected with a chair and if you have to do your leg raises to enhance your body flexibility you also need it. For your triceps dips, you can make do with a chair also.

2.      Old Towel

For your resistance exercises such a gliding you need an item to reduce friction and right there is your old towel to help out. You can spread it on a plank or on a smooth floor to make your resistance exercises easier. If you don't have an old towel, you can substitute it with a paper plate or a toilet paper.

3.      Walls

The amazing benefits of wallsits to your physical health cannot be over emphasized. They not only help you with stability but help strengthen your muscles. However, you don't need to visit a gym to get it done daily. All you need do is use the walls in your homes. The beauty of wallsits is you can do them anywhere as long there are walls there. You can do them in your bedroom, kitchen, sitting room, name it.

4.      Stairs

Another exercise equipment in disguise in your home is the stairs. You can use it to get your cardio and endurance exercises done as long as you wish. Because, as long as you live in your home, your stairs is going nowhere. All you need do each time you have to exercise is put on comfortable clothes, put on your sneakers and begin running or walking repeatedly on the stairs.

5.      Counter Top

You can strength your arms, chest and other parts of your body just by using your counter top at home. How? You can use it anytime you have to do your push-up exercise.

6.      Soup can/Laundry detergent jugs.

Imagine you have at your disposal exercise equipment in form of soup cans and laundry detergent jugs. Well, you can substitute them for hand weights and dumbbells. Now that you know what you can use them for, you can begin doing your head presses, triceps kickbases and front raises again in your home.

Remember to continue keeping fit in your own home by being resourceful always.


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