How to Build Muscle And Loose Fat

Lately, more and more men are getting interested in building muscles. Surprisingly, some women too are interested. Of course, their real aim is to lose fat but then they think why not kill two birds with a stone. But, as you know already, killing two birds with a stone isn't easy. The same way it is almost impossible to build muscle and lose fat at the same time. You may want to know why, well then let's find out.

Is it possible to lose fat and gain muscles simultaneously?

Building muscles and losing weight goes way beyond just diet and exercises. You can decide to train every day alternating between a series of strength, resistance and cardio exercises without much result. Why? Losing fat and gaining muscles requires you to make smart choices as regards your fitness training and nutrition.

Losing body fats is, in fact, way easier than gaining muscles. You can lose body fats and still fail to gain a pound of muscle. The reason is simply that the training to lose fat is slightly dissimilar from than to gain muscles.

However, it is still very possible to get the two results simultaneously. For an adult, you can gain as much as 15 pounds of muscles in a year and lose as much fat as you want.

Do you want to know how? The secrets and the mistakes to avoid? Yes? Let me tell you how.

1. Avoid Training Like a Body Builder: The most common mistake many people make which you need to avoid is training like a bodybuilder. You instead should train as a female athlete would. It no longer news that some bodybuilders use drugs when training, giving them more strength to use heavy equipment. The result of this usually is muscle injuries and imbalance.

You should start from less heavy to heavy. Focus on the muscles being used during your training and not just the weight alone. You also have to be consistent by training regularly. This will ensure your body gets accustomed to it.

2. Train for Muscle Gain: It is a common belief among many people that to gain muscles, you have to gain fat. That is a myth. You don't have to gain fat to gain muscle. However, you should train for muscle gain. That's the only way you can kill two birds with a stone. When you gain muscles, you are bound to lose fat surely. But if you train for fat loss only, you might not gain even a pound of muscle.

3. Alternate between Exercises: Alternating between exercises is another foolproof way of gaining muscles and losing fat. It is recommended you do this at a weekly interval. You can go for heavy weights or rather strength exercises for a week or two and then change up to cardio and resistance training. The heavyweight should be at a low repetition rate while your cardio at a higher repetition rate. This means you train longer when doing your cardio and resistance exercises. That's the way you get up to 1.25 pounds of muscles per month.

4. Do Compound Exercises: Compound exercises should also be part of your target exercise when you work out. Compound exercises are exercises that allow you to work on several muscles simultaneously. Examples are squats, lunges, deadlifts and many more. They produce a better result when training for muscle building and fat loss.

5. Use Barbells: To gain muscles and lose fat, you have to try not to ignore barbell exercises. You can discuss with your fitness trainer or decide alone which is best for you. Barbell exercises will help trigger your muscle growth. So they shouldn't be ignored.

6. Cut Your Carb Intake: I can't talk about muscle gain and fat loss without mentioning anything about nutrition. To lose fat, you need to cut on your carb consumption and to gain muscles, you need the same carbs. How ironical, you want these results simultaneously. Well, it's quite easy. Eat your carbs when it is most beneficial to you. When? Eat them two hours before you begin training and immediately after training. Ensure, you eat just the right amount you need and avoid at all cost refined carbs. Go instead for high-fiber carbs like vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. This will keep your energy level in check and help prevent you from overeating after working out.

7. Eat Healthy Fats: Although you are training to lose fats and gain muscles, you still need to eat fats. This is because fats are really not what causes you to gain weight, the culprits are carbs. Since your carb intake is already being reduced, this means you have to increase your intake of fats. But this time, healthy fats. Fats are essential in the body as they help maintain hormone levels which are crucial for muscle building.

You should eat more of unsaturated fatty acids and some saturated fatty acids. Go for salmon and sardines, they are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Take coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil and eat more egg yolks. All of these are healthy sources of fats and you need them.

8. Go for a High Protein Diet: While you go for a low carb diet and a high-fat diet, you also need to incorporate more protein-rich foods into your diet. Proteins are bodybuilding food will help protect your muscles from breakdown and tears. They will ensure your muscles become stronger even as you engage in strength exercises. They don't have any negative effect as regards your fat loss plan also. So, a high-protein diet is also a smart nutritional choice.

Well, now that you know it is possible to gain muscles and lose fat simultaneously, you can start making smarter workout choices alongside side a healthy diet.



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