Does Exercise Help You Loose Weight ?


 Now and then, you hear people say that exercises can help one to lose weight. And then after you must have tried some exercises for a week without result, someone else comes along and tells you exercises will not help you lose weight.

To make matters worse, someone might be so blunt to tell you, you are not eating right. The different opinion about exercises, I know is tiring and annoying. Still, you deserve to know the truth about exercises and weight loss.

Today is your lucky day because I will be telling you the relationship between exercises and weight loss. So, let's find out.


What is Exercise?

Exercises are all bodily activities that keep you physically fit. There are various kinds of exercises you can engage in to maintain good health and physical fitness. They include cardio or endurance exercises, strength, stretching and balance exercises. As their names imply you can tell that cardio exercises increase the heart rate, strength helps in muscle building, stretching for flexibility and of course balance exercises for maintaining body balance.


Do You Need to Exercise?

Do you wish to lose weight? Then you must exercise. Why? According to studies, to lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. And what better way to burn calories than exercising.

So which type of exercise is recommended for you to engage in to lose weight? It's the cardio exercises. Cardio exercises like skipping, cycling, swimming, running and even walking are very effective for weight loss according to research studies.

Are Exercises Effective Alone?

Have you ever asked a friend the secret to their new body shape and they told you exercises combined with a healthy diet? Well, your friend is not far from the truth. Exercises usually are not effective when done alone. You have to include a healthy diet into your daily regime too.

People who exercise tend to eat more as their appetite is increased as a result of the calories they burn quickly. This makes them overeat causing them to gain more weight than they lost earlier. Like it was mentioned earlier, you have to burn more calories than you eat. So, to ensure your exercises is effective, you have to go on a low calorie diet to keep the weight at bay.


Can You Lose Weight Permanently With Exercises?

After losing your desired weight, you may be wondering if the weight you have just lost is permanent. The answer is a big no. To permanently lose weight, you have to exercise regularly. This will greatly increase your chances of maintaining your new weight. This you have to do of course in conjunction with a healthy diet.


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