Dieting vs. Lifestyle Change

For a long time, people have debated on which is more effective between dieting and lifestyle change for either weight loss or keeping healthy. It will, however, shock you to know that the debate is still ongoing. While a lot of people believe that dieting is way better, others have clearly maintained their stand that a lifestyle change comes with tremendous benefits. So which side are you on? I bet you don’t know which side to take yet. And if my guess is right, I think that’s why you are reading this article. So let’s ride together and find out which is more effective.

Is dieting more effective?

Maybe I should start by explaining what dieting is. So what is dieting all about? Dieting is simply eating food in a restricted manner with the aim of losing weight, gaining weight, keeping healthy or to treat a disease. You may have heard people say I am on a strict diet. Or you hear them say, I can’t eat this now, I am trying to lose weight. Or even you may have gone on a low-carbohydrate diet or a high protein diet before and may even be on a particular diet presently. Well, that’s what dieting is all about. You select some food sources and decide you will be going on that diet only for a particular period of time.

Dieting is increasingly becoming popular around the world. That’s not strange as many people are either over weight or underweight. Many other people are trying to improve their health. And they all believe dieting is the way. But is dieting really the way? According to many research studies, dieting can help one to lose weight and gain weight. Many other research studies have equally revealed that food can be substituted with modern medicine. This just tells you that dieting can help whatever your reason for dieting is. But, dieting brings about a temporary change. Why? Dieting cannot stand alone. According to recent research studies only about five percent of dieters are able to maintain their new weight successfully. What does that tell you? It should be telling you that to keep your new weight or result gotten from dieting, there is probably something else that you need to do. Dieting is mostly temporary and so is the result. For instance, you go on a particular diet to lose weight and the moment you reach your goal you stop dieting. What do you think is going to happen? Of course you are going back to your former weight. Also, when you are dieting; you are likely to experience extreme hunger, weakness and stress. This likely to make you really unhealthy even when you are losing or gaining the weight fast. Many people end up with metabolic disorder, a serious medical condition. Some just start binge eating because they denied themselves food for a long time. This should tell you that with dieting if you aren’t carefully your health may deteriorate. So let’s find out if a lifestyle change is a better option.

Is lifestyle change effective?

Lifestyle change is simply changing of your negative every day habits to a more positive one. The positive habits you are changing to are ones you are sure will help put you on a pedestal to good health. People change their lifestyle for the same reason people diet. They also want to lose weight, gain weight, keep fit or improve their overall health. However, unlike dieting which is a one way thing, lifestyle change is not. It is like an all encompassing healthy option which usually includes changing what you eat, managing stress, engaging in regular exercise, sleeping well, and many more. Even though lifestyle change involves you changing what you eat, there usually is no restriction per se. It allows you to feed on an array of healthy food sources and junks occasionally. The beauty of lifestyle change is that it gives a permanent result. How? Why? With lifestyle change, you gain long-term control of your weight and health as it even is a long-term change unlike dieting. 

Let’s face it; when dieting it is always advised that one do it in conjunction with regular exercise for a more effective result especially for weight loss. This has been proven to bring better and faster weight loss. Now imagine you are dieting, exercising regularly, sleeping well and managing stress simultaneously, that’s way better than dieting. Stress has been found to cause obesity as well as cause people to be underweight, so also irregular sleep. With these additional two, good sleep and stress management you are guaranteed a more healthy result for weight loss. According to certain researches, dieters are likely to experience food deprivation, mental stress and weakness regularly. But with a life style change one is less likely to experience any of those. That just go on to confirm people who go on change their lifestyle remain healthy.

Which wins? Dieting or lifestyle change?

Since I have explained what dieting and lifestyle change is all about, we can now go on to find out which is the winner.

I will start from how lasting their results are. Well, when you diet you get a temporary result. You are likely to go back to your former weight or health status and in some cases, a worse status. But, if you choose to go for lifestyle change, you get a permanent result. So which wins? Lifestyle change of course.

I will go next to healthiness. When you diet you suffer from various conditions including, extreme hunger, weakness, metabolic syndrome in some cases, lack of physical fitness and mental stress. All of these don’t put you on a good health status. But, if you go for a lifestyle change you are less likely to suffer mental stress, weakness, metabolic syndrome, extreme hunger etc. you instead will be eating well, sleeping well, stress free and physically fit. So, where does that put you?  On a better health status. So, lifestyle change wins here again.

Altogether, the winner is lifestyle change. Adopt it instead.


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