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90 Day Body


Do you want to lose weight, achieve lean muscles or transform your body within just 90 days?


When in doubt if this will really work for you, why don’t you take advantage of our 90-day Body Transformation Program? Designed by our experienced coaches and personal trainers, our program will help you get in shape in no time.




Athletarian takes pride in our 90-Day Body Transformation. It is a highly personalized and immersive fitness and nutrition coaching experience with our competent and experienced trainers in the industry. Every meal and workout plan is designed according to the foods that you like and specific fitness level.

Say goodbye to those bland, tasteless foods just to achieve the fitness goal that you have. Our knowledgeable, licensed dieticians will create a perfect diet plan for you. If you don’t have time to go to the gym, don’t worry! You have an option to work out in your home or in the gym because you will get access through our mobile app. The coaching sessions are also done weekly to support, inspire and educate you.



What Makes us Difference?

We are aware that there are tons of companies offering this type of program to people. However, what sets us apart from the competition is our ongoing support and motivation. We currently offer two plans 6-week transformation and 12-week (90-day body) program for you.



How Does It Work?

Just like any other fitness and nutrition program we have, the process with our 90-day body transformation is simple, quick, and straightforward. The process includes:



At this phase, the first month will be an education stage wherein you’ll learn and conduct appropriate exercises, know how to prepare a meal and better understand your nutritional requirements and physiology. When you gain the education or information you need, it will be a lot easier to meet your fitness goals.



For the second month, you will start seeing and feeling the results. Your muscles will be more flexible, and you will gain more strength. You will also notice some physiological changes in your body. With this, you will feel happier and confident with your workout routines.



For the last phase, which is the maintenance part, you should be able to experience incredible improvement in your physique and fitness lifestyle. You’ll have to develop essential habits for your personal nutrition and exercise.


This is not yet the end of the process.

You have to continue with the proper diet and exercise routines that you have developed to obtain the best results that you desire. At Athletarian, we make sure that you work with the best coach to achieve your goals.


We base our 90-Day Body Transformation Program on our Premium Plan.

Obtain the highest level of service and communication with your trainer. Whether you are a beginner or highly committed to wellness lifestyle or reshaping your body, this option is ideal for you. Plus, you get to have a weekly video coaching session to guide you in the process.